Dr. Ami Appelbaum

Chairman of the Board Israel Innovation Authority and Chief Scientist Ministry of Economy and Industry

“On behalf of Israel Innovation Authority. I would like to congratulate the initiative and extend our full support to the International Federation of Indo-Israel Chambers of Commerce, being launched here in Dubai. under the initiative of the Chairperson Mr. Merzi Sodawaterwala and President of Israel-India Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Raviv Byron.
As we have been experiencing throughout the Covid 19 pandemic, digitalization has been expanded across all our day to day function. We, as a society, became more dependent on new technologies, new innovation, and services, creating a new reality. That change depends heavily on innovation and new technology adoption across countries, and across societies. As such, the new Middle East peace, instead of war, a collaboration, instead of hatred, a peace accomplished by Abraham agreement, created opportunity for partnership between Dubai, India, and Israel, pose a tremendous innovation and financial potential, which I’m extremely happy to promote and engage in various collaboration efforts.”