Dr. Azad Moopen

Founder, Chairman & Managing Director - Aster DM Healthcare Group

“I’m very happy to know about the launch of the International Federation of Indo-Israel Chamber of Commerce in Dubai. We know that there has been decades of very close relationship between India and Israel, which is getting strengthened, day by day, in many of the areas – technology, or other areas like agriculture and military cooperation. This has been going on for many years.

Now, a new relationship is being nurtured between Israel and UAE after the signing of the recent accord between the countries and UAE is actually a center point between India and Israel.

There’s huge strategic importance for this relationship. This tripartite relationship between Israel, UAE and India. And when you look at the number of Indians who are in UAE. Again, there is the opportunity for developing this into the next level by involvement of people who are in UAE.

So, this organization being based in Dubai is going to be extremely useful for nurturing this relationship further, let me wish all the best to the organization, led by one of my friends, Mr. Merzi Sodawaterwala, who will be able to take this to the new pedestal, that we all aim for. ”