His Excellency Dr. Dan Shaham ben Hayun

HONOURABLE head of Mission of Israel to the International Renewable Energy Agency ( IRENA)

“I am honoured to be here at the opening of the International Federation of the Indo-Israel Chambers of Commerce under the good leadership of Merzi Sodawaterwala. It’s a wonderful occasion for our 3 countries to come together to celebrate this strong friendship here in Dubai which has been home to so many talented Indian businessmen and now in the last 3 months or so we have a lot of Israeli businessmen coming here. So, the timely inauguration of such an initiative is so welcome and we are so happy to support in every way. I congratulate Merzi and Raviv, who identified the need for a platform to maximize the benefits of the Abraham Accords to the wider communities of Israel, the UAE and India. I am truly confident that in addition to business, we will see the benefits in areas such as cultural exchange and sustainability initiatives.”