His Excellency MK Amir Peretz

Honourable Minister of Economy and Industry of the State of Israel

“I congratulate and extend my best wishes and support to the International Federation of the Indo-Israel Chambers of Commerce (IFIICC). IFIICC was launched in Dubai under the initiative of Chairperson Mr. Merzi Sodawaterwala and President Mr. Raviv Byron. Its objective is to provide an international platform to empower the next generation and create trusted, sustainable, strategic partnerships between Indians and Israelis around the world.

The powerful Indian business community in the UAE, specializing in a variety of sectors, such as Food and Healthcare has great potential for trade and investments in Israel.

I believe that this new era is a unique opportunity to strengthen our bilateral frameworks of collaboration and take them to the next level. The IFIICC platform will open doors to a world of business and investments opportunities in Scientific Research, Information Technology, Food & Agro tech, Healthcare & Med tech, Fintech, Homeland Security, Mobile and New Media, Advanced Manufacturing, Sustainability, Renewables & Smart Energy, Water tech and Clean tech.

I am confident that IFIICC will significantly enhance trade, economic and cultural relations between Indians and Israelis all over the world.”