His Excellency Ohad Cohen

Honourable Trade Commissioner, Director - Foreign Trade Administration Israel Ministry of Economy and Industry

“On behalf of the Ministry of Economy and Industry of the State of Israel,  I would like to send best wishes for the launch of the International Federation of Indo-Israel Chambers of Commerce in Dubai, under the initiative of its chairperson, Mr. Merzi Sodawaterwala and the President Mr.  Raviv Byron.

In view of the expanding relations between our respective countries, the economic collaboration and our 28 years of diplomatic relations, I welcome the significant establishment of the IFIICC in such a major economic junction, as Dubai, an establishment that allows further economic and global business expansion between Israel and India.

During these days, when people and business entities needed to adjust their daily life, the importance of such moves is even more substantial for the business community in both countries.

I am confident that the new Chambers of Commerce will prove to be fruitful and we will witness an increase in our bilateral business activity and additional forms of economic cooperation in the future.

In my role as Israel’s trade commissioner with 50 Economic Missions around the world including 3 Economic Missions in India,  we would be more than happy to help you to reach the full potential due to the opening of IFIICC in Dubai.

The Foreign Trade Administration is here to support you, and we wish you much success.”