His Excellency Pavan Kapoor

Honourable Ambassador of India to UAE

“I am very pleased to be here today at the launch of the International Federation of the Indo-Israel Chambers of Commerce. We have very creative and innovative people in all 3 countries. They are all full of start-ups and buzzing with excitement for innovation and in various areas like Agriculture, Health there will be many more opportunities. Indians of course comprise almost 30% – 35% of the population of the UAE and we are present in different sectors. I am sure our business persons here will be looking at using their knowledge and understanding of the Indian market and Israeli market to work together to bring our friends from Israel and UAE together and work to see how best these opportunities can help all 3 countries. In the context of the recent peace accord and India’s excellent relations with both UAE and Israel, the Indian diaspora in the UAE is well placed to harness the potential of business opportunities in all three countries aquí. I congratulate Merzi and Raviv for the launch of IFIICC in Dubai which is the hub for innovation and technology in this part of the world.”