His Excellency Ron Malka

Honourable Ambassador of Israel to India

“The relations between Israel and India has been steadily and rapidly growing in the last years. What started as basic relations between a buyer and a seller has gone up to the level of key strategic partnership. Given the fact that India and UAE are also key strategic partners; and now, after the signing of the agreement between Israel and UAE, the scope of collaboration between the three nations is endless. I am confident that IFIICC will pave the way to a world of business opportunities under the leadership of Merzi and Raviv to harness the full potential of the India-UAE-Israel Trilateral.
Given the fact that these three nations have been focusing on technology and innovation; and those economies that did so, performed much better than others, we can understand how rewarding and fruitful this collaboration can be.
I want to thank Mr. Merzi Sodawaterwala, Mr. Raviv Byron for this important initiative. I wish you great success; your success is ours all. And I’m looking forward to working with you.”