Uriel Lynn

President of the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce

“I want to tell my friends, Merzi from India, and Raviv from Israel that you have you have really chosen the right place to launch the new organization, which is the International Federation of Indo-Israel Chambers of Commerce. Dubai is the right place to do that, because today we are really tying together our relationship with Dubai and Israel is doing that with a lot of respect for the Arab world. We do have a great interest in really enhancing our relationship with India. We would like to do it in embracing as much as possible, the whole world ;the whole Israel is existing today and being able to cooperate doing business together with India, enhancing and upgrading our cooperation. And I think that your organization ,what you’re doing today, is launching it in Dubai. This is the right step, a very significant step. And I want to congratulate you for that, and I want to express my appreciation for whatever you are doing. We are all together here, we’ll be working together, we’ll be working together for this purpose, which is of immense importance to us. And that is really as I said before, enhancing and upgrading the economic relationship between India and Israel on all levels possible – investment, trade, re export, import and whatever we can do cooperating in high tech and all the other fields that are of very very keen importance to our economies. Thank you again. Raviv. Thank you again Merzi, and good luck to you.”